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When you make the commitment to get in shape, tone up, be fit, workout regularly, or perform as an athlete - you might need some nutrition help.

When you evaluate sports nutrition options, one essential that should matter to you is a natural product.  Another is that you feel results - feel it working for you!

If the goal is to get healthy or stay healthy, why feed the new cells that your body makes each day chemicals, high amounts of caffeine or sugar, or artificial ingredients?  These are not nutrition.  And they don't build healthy cells.

Our Sports NutritionFree Report (sign up above) will tell you more about what your body needs in terms of nutrition before, during and after exercise.  Once you have had a chance to look it over, or if you have already determined your needs, we invite you to evaluate the options from the Shaklee sports nutrition line of all-natural, results-driven products.




Why is natural sports nutrition more desirable?

  1. It supports your good health.
  2. It gives you the results you desire.
  3. You are going to FEEL BETTER!




What are the physical needs of your body to work out?

  1. Energy
  2. Hydration
  3. Muscle Recovery


You need energy for the workout, hydration is optimal before and during your exercise program, and when you break down your muscles they will need to repair and rebuild.  Lean healthy muscles help you feel stronger and will burn more calories for you every day.




Healthy Sports Nutrition Supplements


Energy and Endurance:

What you eat before your workout or athletic competition is important because it helps you have an edge while exercising or competing.  Energy is critical to help you get through the workout and get the full benefit of it.  Maintaining balanced blood sugar levels helps you sustain that energy and also keep the necessary glycogen levels for your next day's workout.

Unfortunately there are many unhealthy energy products on the market today.  They contain too much of any or all of the following:  caffeine, sugar, artificial ingredients, artificial colors, chemicals, unbalanced nutrients.


Shaklee Energy Chews

Shaklee Energy Chews

Shaklee Energy Chews are pure, natural energy choice if you need an extra boost for your workout – and with no artificial colors, no artificial flavors – and no fairy dust sprinkling of ingredients on the label that makes some products look good.  In reality, those extra ingredients don’t help you perform better.  When you stick with science, you get what you need and nothing you don’t!

In addition to energy for workout, the scientific blend of caffeine from natural green tea extract, B vitamins, vitamin D, L-tyrosine and L-theanine (two amino acids that have been extensively studied for their effects on mood, mental clarity, and focus), Shaklee Energy Chews help you improve your performance, sharpen your focus, and help you feel more alert anytime during your busy day. 



When you sweat during workouts you can lose body weight that may cause fatigue and even weaken your performance.  You also lose electrolytes that help you stay hydrated, carbohydrates that help you maintain balanced blood glucose levels, and sodium - a nutrient that is important for your nerves and muscles.  It’s a fact that dehydration is the most common cause of athletic fatigue and poor athletic performance.  And one of the things to remember when you’re exercising is that you generally need more fluids than you think.  Your body does a poor job of communicating its real fluid needs.

Scientific research has shown over and over again that what the body needs most of all during workout is hydration.  It also needs electrolytes to facilitate fluid balance plus the right amount of carbohydrates to help sustain energy.  Hydration helps avoid fatigue, weakness, muscle cramps, lightheadedness and nausea.


Shaklee Performance Maximum Endurance Sports Drink

Shaklee Performance Hydration Drink

Shaklee Performance is a hydration drink that is perfect for athletes, people who work out regularly, or even the weekend warrior.  It helps you stay hydrated and energized during your workout because it offers hydration and it provides you with the electrolytes you need to support optimal fluid balance.  Performance contains Shaklee’s proprietary Opti-Lyte electrolyte blend, which provides more electrolytes than the leading hydration drink on the market.

When doing lighter workouts, or during outside activities that may not be too strenuous but are done in hot weather where keeping hydrated is challenging, you can mix a diluted amount of Performance.  Opti-Lyte, a patented formula that enhances your endurance, has been used all over the world to provide the extra fuel athletes need endurance and better athletic performance.

Performance helps you maintain balanced blood-glucose levels to sustain intense energy output and to increase stamina, and there are no artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives.  After 30 minutes, blood -glucose levels are 30% higher when you use Performance instead of water.  After 2 hours that raises to 37%.


Muscle Building and Recovery

Post-workout muscle recovery and rebuilding of new, healthy lean muscle is the most overlooked phase of working out or athletic competition.  Nutrients -both protein and some healthy carbs - after workout are as important or more important than rest after exercise because they  help repair your muscles and avoid muscle pain in between workouts.

Protein consumed soon after workouts feed the muscles you break down and builds stronger, healthier muscles.  It also helps you have less fatigue and less chance for injury when you are taking good care of your muscle health.  Healthy carbs help you maximize glycogen stores in your muscles and aid in tissue repair.


Shaklee Physique

Shaklee Physique Muscle Recovery

Physique is a unique protein and carbohydrate recovery product that contains 18 vitamins and minerals plus essential amino acids in a patented formula, Bio-Build, that repairs and rebuilds your muscles tissues.  People who use Shaklee Physique think it is 'Magic' for their muscles, but essentially it is a science-based product based on many years of research and development and addressing all areas of maintaining strong, health muscles.

Physique is clinically proven to naturally activate and enhance the body's recovery process after exercise.  Physique delivers a greater muscle glycogen response following exercise than either protein or carbohydrates alone.  Muscle glycogen is the body's most critical (and limited) muscle energy source.

Physique contains the right amount of protein and carbs to help you recover faster, optimize muscle rebuilding; and there are no artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives.

To learn more about Shaklee Sports Nutrition, visit our product page.  When you click on individual products, be sure to check the tabs under the product to view the science talksheets and other resources there that show the proof of these high performing, all natural sports nutritions solutions:

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